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Zena Inc.

330 Club Springs Rd, Elmwood, TN 38560, USA
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Engine driven welder incorporates a gasoline, diesel or propane fueled engine coupled to an electrical generator to produce the required power for TIG, MIG and Flux-cored welding. Since engine driven welders are usually transported on a truck or trailer, they are primarily used outdoors. And this is where Zena has come to the fore making its patented welding power generation and control technology a true disruptive technology in an industry where big giants have maintained their engine driven welder technology with real innovative improvement for almost more than 50 years of time. Zena’s technology stands out from the rest because:
• You will notice much better penetration for a given current setting
• Enhanced arc characteristics
• Easy out of position welding
• Better out of position weld joints
Zena also supplies special purpose arc welding rods for cutting, brazing, or for welding metals like aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron- even a wide array of hard surfacing rods.

DC genset multi process engine driven welder mobile welding machine portable welding equipment

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