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Phoenix Hood Cleaning

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Commercial kitchens have a pretty extensive exhaust system installed to pull the airborne grease, dust, smoke and contaminates out of the air in the kitchen. Things included in the dust can be hair and skin cells which sounds kinda creepy but it is just the facts of life.
Phoenix Hood Cleaning specialized in cleaning exhaust systems in commercial kitchens. Our trained professionals are experts in analyzing the condition of your commercial kitchen exhaust system to give our clients an estimate of what the cost would be to clean the hood. The cost is determined on the amount of grease build-up that has occurred since the last cleaning.
It is important for a commercial kitchen to have a professional do the hood cleaning on a regular basis. Leaving the cleaning to employees can be risky as they may not have the proper training to really get the grease removed. We use environmentally friendly chemicals to break down the grease before we pull out our pressure washer. Using the hottest water possible, we then rinse the grease off. We polish and vent and surrounding hood to give it that new shine.
Once we have cleaned the exhaust system, we will place a dated sticker on your hood to show that the job was done by a professional. Many insurance agencies will not refuse to provide insurance if the kitchen cannot show the hood cleaning was done by a professional. Also, health inspectors like to see
that the hood is cleaned by professionals as well. Many times we get calls from restaurants that have a
health inspection and they are given a limited amount of time to have a professional cleaning done.

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