Paul Angelchik, M.D.

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My cosmetic surgery practice focuses on breast enhancement procedures consisting of breast augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reductions as well as body contouring procedures such as liposuction, body lifts, as well as tummy tucks. Surgery for facial rejuvenation (face lifts, eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing) and rhinoplasty is also included. I incorporate modalities including endoscopic techniques, liposuction, autologous fat transfer for body and facial contouring, and other new developments in the field as these advances are demonstrated to be useful. Our office offers a comprehensive spectrum of injectables and medical grade skin care and light-based therapeutics (laser and IPL treatments). My aesthetic purpose for each patient is to assist them in choosing the perfect procedure, then use my experience and surgical skill to produce a nice, natural looking enhancement which fits their desires, their anatomy, and their lifestyle.


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  • Posted 5 months ago
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