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Medical Bill Gurus is concentrated on providing two strategic platforms of medical billing services, each created to best suite the medical billing and healthcare consulting requirements of patients (patient advocacy) and medical service providers. In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, a trusted advisor– one who not only provides relevant medical billing knowledge, but generates a combination of strategic vision, tested expertise and personal experience– can enhance the value of your healthcare objectives.

Medical Bill Gurus assists patients in browsing out of pocket medical costs denied or not covered by insurance, or for treatment method received at cash only medical providers. Our medical billing experts are experienced with helping medical bills from any provider, involving securing insurance reimbursements for treatment received at out of network alternative/integrative companies.

Medical Bill Gurus collaborates with medical providers to provide variety of medical billing and business services involving physician billing, physician assistant billing, retrospective auditing for PPO abuse. Our medical billing professionals provide third party solutions to resolve and identify healthcare underpayments, claim denial issues, and give structured resolutions to handle revenue leakage and forsaken profits of medical companies.


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