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Master Carpet Cleaners

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As a local carpet cleaning company in Preston, Master Carpet Cleaners offers a premier service and are at the forefront of giving the industry a good name by providing services at low affordable prices while still maintaining quality and efficiency.
To effectively clean your carpet, the company will first use only a quality vacuum cleaner to lift the pile and remove any loose grit that lays deep inside the pile fibres. Vacuums are fitted with specialist microfilter systems to ensure fine dust particles that can carry with them, dust mites and allergens are totally removed.
A vacuum with a rotating brush which agitates the pile and loosens soil in the pile of the carpet is used and then the carpet is ready to be pre-treated The carpet is first spotted! This means a carpet cleaning technician will spot check any stains and use a special carpet spotting chemical to help remove any stains or spots.
After this procedure, the carpet is then sprayed with a solution to help break down any dirt and then agitated by a counter rotary brush machine.
It’s now time for the extraction and hot water is injected into the carpet while a handheld carpet cleaning wand is used to suck up all the dirty water into a waste tank. The carpet is then spotted again
This whole procedure will leave your carpets, rugs and sofas, smelling clean and fresh again.

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