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Emergency Dental Service Atlanta, GA 30305

102 Pharr Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA
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Emergency Dental Service is the largest network of Emergency Dentists in the United States. Emergency Dental Services network created over 18 years ago. Our Emergency Dental Services include scheduling an emergency appointment directly with partnering dentist, providing instant insurance verification, and dental care financing options for unexpected expenses.
Emergency Dental Service is the most convenient way to find a dentist near you during an urgent or extreme dental emergency. We provide 24-hour emergency patient support to take care of your emergency dental problems. The EDS call center is available to all patients that need help finding a dentist that can help them get rid of the pain immediately. We offer various dental services including:-
• Abscess-Gum & Dental Abscess
• Stains
• Tooth Abrasion
• Tooth Extraction
• Wisdom Teeth
• Severe Tooth Ache
• Root Canals
• Lost Dental Crown
• Lost Dental Filling
• Dentures
• Jaw Injury
• Periodontitis
• Calculus Teeth
• Chipped Tooth
• Erosion
• Fillings
• Gum Disease
• Gum Recession
• Overcrowding
• Plaque
• Root Exposure
Our emergency dentists typically accept patients through walk-in appointments or appointments scheduled within 24 hours. Use our Emergency Dental Care Plan & get reduced rates on common dental procedures and preventative care immediately.

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