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When the person you fell in love with starts to become someone that you feel you need to guard yourself or distance yourself from, it can be devastating. It can start to feel like no matter what the topic is, you end up in an argument and feeling more and more disconnected. Despite your best effort to repair the damage somehow you seem to keep falling short. Let us be the first to tell you that this cycle happens to almost all couples and there is a way out. When your emotions are heightened it can be a challenge to see the negative cycle for yourself, and if you can’t see it, you can’t change it. That is when having a third party come in to disrupt your familiar patterns and offer a new way to hear and speak to each other can be lifesaving. The couple’s therapists at CCF are trained to see the client as the couple, which means they do not take sides or try to “find the bad guy” in the relationship. Instead, the goal is to help each partner understand their role in the cycle, how to shift from reacting to responding, and how to communicate in a way that their partner can understand.

You and your partner will begin with a one to one and half hour session with your clinician. Our clinicians take an active role in working within your relationship. They listen and gain an understanding of you as a couple but also offer practical interventions to end the cycle of negativity. Whether you are married, dating, newly coupled or have been together for a while, we can offer support.

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