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Anmast Paintless Dent Repair

2507 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, USA
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2507 Stillwell Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11224

We are a small group of experienced and dedicated automotive reconditioning professionals. After years in Body & Paint Shop repairs we realized that our painstaking attention to detail, enthusiasm and love for cars, our ability to restore cars to near-new condition without unnecessary paintwork and body modifications can offer consumers what was previously only used by dealers and other automotive professionals, a rare ability to achieve perfect car reconditioning results with huge cost and time savings.

Did you know that major paint shop suppliers guarantee their paint for only 1-3 years? So if your repainted car’s paint starts to peel off after the warranty period expires you would need to pay to repaint it again. PDR leaves your original paint in place!

Over years your car’s paint is subjected to various elements, such as rain, dust, dirt, snow and ice along with minor (ad not so minor) scratches. Over time even a regular car wash will scratch the clear lacquer on your car’s paint. Just take a look are your car on a bright and sunny day – how many scratches do you see? Professional Paint Correction can repair most of these surface scratches and restore your car’s paint to its near factory condition. Have you ever seen show-cars with mirror-like shine and wondered how they do? Well, Anmast can give your car that mirror like shine, that’s how! You have to see the results to believe it! Do you love your car as much as we love cars? Come and see the difference!

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