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All City Stick Driving School

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We provide services for all major hotels valet parking training as well as Ace parking. Our stick shift/standard training can also be purchased through our DVDS and Apps, that right the same method used in our day-to-day training is now available on DVD. Using only this DVD with its easy five-step process, our method has shown success rates of over 98%, when followed correctly. It has been tested in age groups ranging from 15 to 75 years old both male and female with outstanding result.
We will replace the DVD if damage while shipping and its proven to be our fault. The training provided by our school on stick shift/standard whether by instructors or by our DVDs are the very best money can buy, there maybe someone who can teach you how to drive a stick as good as All City Stick Driving School, But I am 100% sure no one can teach you better !
The 6 hours behind the wheel certificate will be held until the balance of the 6 hours is paid. The 6 hours of behind the wheel is considered to have a remaining balance if a $35.00 charge occurs. The $35.00 charge is added to price you paid for 6 hours and is considered the price of 6 hours.
Students must give our office 24 hours notice of any schedule changes or cancellations. If the cancellation or change is not done 24 hours before the appointment scheduled, a $35.00 no show fee will be charged.

Family emergencies or any emergency.
Student does not have their permit
Students Permit has expired
Student has forgotten to change their pick up address.
Student did not hear the Schedule Dates correctly or forgot pickup time.

Contact US:
Business Name: All City Stick Driving School
Address: 121 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
Phone: +1 619-302-9290
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